Company Profile

Hawkley specialises in the design, assembly and selling of Vehicle Weighing equipment together with the ongoing servicing element of those sales, and is one of the UK leaders in its field.

Key features are as follows :-

• The business has been in operation for some 20 years & has a good reputation in the industry within the UK & Europe.

• It has a large blue chip customer base.

• It has a number of UK & European Agents.

• Its base is in Hampshire, United Kingdom.

• IS0 9002 procedures and methods have been implemented.


The markets for the products are aimed largely at companies in the transport and road haulage industry sectors, however considerable success has been made in developing sales into Utility Companies. In addition the platforms are being used by a number of Air Force and other Defence (MOD) sectors for weighing air transportable loads and vehicles. Other examples where these platforms are used are boat yards and rail stock manufacturers. This equipment can be used for other applications such as weighing containers, pallets and other large and heavy objects.

Utilities are now using the portable platforms to ensure that their multipurpose vehicles are not overloaded. The use of the smaller twin axled commercial vehicles of 10 Tonnes or less potentially leads to considerable overloading on front axles, and these companies are naturally keen to stay within the law.

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