Full Plate Weighbridges

Hawkley can supply a range of Plate Weighbridges for both Non-Trade and Trade Approved purposes.

The advantages of buying from Hawkley are as follows:-

• All surface and pit weighbridges meet all the latest European approvals and directives.

• The design allows a 15 metre weighbridge to use only 4 load cells, which gives customers a reduction in both electronic liability and out of warranty maintenance costs

• Weighbridges can be supplied in either Modular or Fully Welded formats

• Weighbridges can be supplied in Reinforced Concrete or Steel

• A range of lengths, and widths of 3m or 4.5m are available.

• Overall capacities can be supplied up to 100,000 kgs.

• Tubular side bars for added safety are available.

• A range of ramp options are available.

• Low profile models are available which means they can be installed into foundations of only 500mm deep.

• Terminals are supplied with the necessary interfaces for computer linking to a range of Software Packages, Bar Code Readers and Communication Options.

• Choice of options including carrying cases and levelling platforms


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