Portable Weighing Machines

Delivering highly accurate load information where you need it, and fast, the Hawkley International portable weighing system enables you to Comply easily with axle loading legislation - avoiding both heavy fines and jeopardizing insurance cover

• Ensure greater operational safety and a longer vehicle life through correct vehicle loading.

• Maintain an accurate record of deliveries for more profitable material control.

• Set up vehicle braking and suspension systems for optimum road holding and safety

• Monitor a dispersed fleet of vehicles at various locations with single portable weighing set

• Display to your customers and staff, your professional commitment to the highest operational standards

Easy To Use

Just set the weigh pads on a firm, flat and level surface (the roadside can do !) , plug in the two connecting cables to the handy yet robust indicator unit and you're ready to weigh axle loads of up to 20 tonnes.


Used under ideal conditions, Hawkley Portable Weighing is accurate to 0.2%. Even under field conditions, accuracy is 1% or better - easily exceeding OIML requirements for Class 4 weighing machines.


High strength yet light weight construction, featuring high-tensile aluminium and a highly resilient moulded rubber casing means that Hawkley Portable Weighing copes easily with heavy use. The indicator unit is strongly made too, and fully protected against dust and water ingress to IP65 - so it's fully protected for out door use.


Electronic signalling from weigh pads instantly shows the axle weight on an easy to read digital display. And indicator unit can be linked directly to tally-roll printer - giving a customised print-out of weight, date and time.

Wide Application

Besides the obvious transport application of determining wheel loads, axle loads and vehicle total weights, Hawkley Portable Weighing can be used for weighing cargo containers, light aircraft and even industrial plant. And a single set can be used in many as many different locations as you wish - unlike fixed bridges or scales

Standard systems available from stock

Custom built systems may be available for specific applications

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